Course Fee

PGCESpain advices that monies recieved on behalf of PGCESpain will not be returned under any circumstace.

Programme Outline

Course Structure:

Module 1: Contexts
This is an introductory module which deals with national and international contexts for education and considers ideas from the philosophy of education about aims and purposes of education. It also includes material on the principles of classroom observation.

Module 2: Understanding Learning
This module examines major learning theories which currently inform school practices internationally. Students are asked to evaluate these theories and to consider implications for their own teaching practice.

Module 3: Approaches to Teaching
This involves the study of pedagogy through consideration of generic teaching strategies at primary or secondary level. Students are encouraged to evaluate and reflect upon these strategies in their own teaching.

Module 4: Investigating Student Understanding
This culminating module brings together learning from earlier parts of the course and offers an opportunity for classroom-based investigation into the ways in which students develop understanding.

PGCESpain Practical Teaching Component

The nature and duration of the teaching practice placements will be negotiated individually to fulfil each student’s needs. Students wishing to train to become teachers should undertake the School Experience introductory placement and one extended teaching practice placement, which will allow them sufficient time and experience to gain confidence in the classroom and to be able to complete the assignments for the PGCE(I). Experienced teachers may also access the PGCESpain practical teaching component and the associated services provided.

The practical teaching component and the associated services offered by PGCESpain are supported wholeheartedly by participating schools and by schools belonging to NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain) and the British Inspection Monitoring Committee, chaired by Mr Peter Friend HMI. It continues to help improve the quality and standards expected of the teaching community in participating schools, as well as enabling schools to assure quality when recruiting new teaching staff.

Suggested Pathway

Below is a suggested route through the PGCE(I) course.

Date University of Nottingham PGCE(I) Component PGCESpainPractical Component
September Face-to-Face Weekend 1
Start Process Work for Module 1
Start introductory placement: "School Experience" (up to 3 weeks)
October Submit Process Work for Module 1
November Submit assignment for Module 1
Start process work for Module 2
January Face-to-Face Weekend 2
Submit Process Work for Module 2
Submit assignment for Module 2
Start Process Work for Module 4
February Submit Process Work for Module 4
Start Process Work for Module 3
Start Teaching Practice
March Finish Teaching Practice
April Submit process work for Module 3
Submit assignment for Module 3
May Submit assignment for Module 4
June Complete PGCE(I) course
December Graduation ceremony in Nottingham

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