Introduction to PGCESpain

PGCESpain was set up in March 2006 by a team from Cambridge House Community College, Valencia, in order to respond to an ever-increasing demand for a Professional British Teaching Qualification in Spain recognised by the British Inspectorate.

The PGCESpain teacher education programme has allowed student teachers to carry out their teacher training entirely in Spain. This is a welcome development for the many graduates who live on mainland Spain or in the Balearic and Canary Islands and who are interested in completing a teacher education programme without having to return to the UK.

PGCESpain has two main aims. First, to provide training and subsequent employment opportunities, either for graduates living in Spain who are interested in embarking on a career in teaching, or for existing staff members in schools in Spain who would like to undertake teacher education. Its second aim is to provide continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities both for initial teacher trainees and for established teachers in British schools. It aims to ensure that schools and their staff are kept abreast of current developments in education despite our geographical detachment from the UK.

PGCESpain arranges teaching practice placements in local English-speaking/British schools and co-ordinates and manages local networks of participating schools, area coordinators, trained mentors and specialist curriculum/age range tutors who provide school based training, support and advice. PGCESpain can co-ordinate flexible teaching blocks to suit the individual needs of each student. They are also able to offer experience in different participating schools so that a trainee teacher is able to experience a wider variety of teaching styles and school environments.

PGCESpain gives initial advice and guidance to potential candidates on entry requirements, application procedures and curriculum and course requirements. Once registered onto the course each trainee undertakes a needs analysis to ensure he/she receives the most appropriate level of support. During and after completion of the course PGCESpain helps ensure the welfare of its trainees by providing career and welfare support as well as a legal advisory service on future employment and contractual issues.

PGCEi Brochure

Partnership with the University of Nottingham

From September 2009, PGCESpain has worked with the University of Nottingham. The University's Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International) is a part-time programme of professional enrichment designed for teachers working in countries other than the UK. The PGCEi is a Masters level award and is focused on the improvement of individual teaching practice through critical reflection and action research.

It offers on-line provision of teaching, tutorial support, advice and guidance, online texts and video resources, and access to the University of Nottingham's on-line IT and library facilities. Upon successful completion of the course, the university invites students to a graduation ceremony in Nottingham. More information about the University of Nottingham's School of Education can be found here.


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