18th April 2020

PGCEi Student Blog Part 2

I got a lot of feedback, both positive and some constructive criticism on how to improve. Every week I have increased my teaching hours and range of subjects. One week I taught all the English lessons and by the end of the week they had to produce their own story, making it interesting and including speech marks, paragraphs and adjectives. At the end of the week I was able to sit down and read their work and it was a very positive moment for me to be able to see that the children had understood what was expected of them. Over the course of TP1 I have taught most subjects and I feel a lot more confident now than I did the start. I am receiving less ‘ways on how to improve’ my lesson and more positive feedback! I feel as though I have grasped what is required in terms of planning, making sure I have enough work for children if they have finished and differentiated activities for the range of children in the class. I understand how to structure my lesson, the importance of the plenary, making sure all the children are paying attention and making sure the objectives of each class are hit. I feel that I engage well with all the children and that they have taken to me. They always tell me how their weekend went, when they are next going on holiday and I feel as though I have created a good connection with each child in the class.

The teaching experience has been enlightening and I now feel as though I am in a much better position to be a teacher and I am really looking forward to TP2.

Regarding the preparation for my first assignment, it has been very full on. Especially with juggling my hours at school, planning, my part time job and making sure all the Nottingham work is completed. However, the module work has been very interesting and has helped me when it came to choosing a title forthe end of module assignment. I am currently waiting on feedback from the module work and chosen title/structure for my assignment, then, with this feedback I will start to write the detailed part of the assignment which is due at the end of January.

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