19th April 2020

PGCEi Student Blog

My name is Sophia, I am a 23 year old student who has just graduated from Aston University with a Bsc Hons (in Translation Studies with Spanish). I have just started the PGCEi with the University of Nottingham and PGCESpain.

As part of my degree I went back to Spain for my Erasmus year where I did a split placement working on translations in an office and teaching in a bilingual nursery. This work experience helped me confirm that I wanted to embark on a teaching career. To provide me with formal teacher training, I decided to do the PGCEi course that Nottingham University offers with teaching experience at Cambridge House Community College. My hopes of this course are to learn how to promote education that can suit all learners whilst furthering my teaching experience in Spain.

I am really looking forward to the practical teaching experience as I love being involved with the children and helping them discover new
topics. However, the assignments and process work that we have to do seems quite daunting as I am not familiar with some of the terminology used. The face-to-face weekend, where we met the lecturers, was very useful as it was nice to meet the people who will be available to help with any questions about the modules.

My hopes for the PGCEi course with the additional practical element are that they will provide me with the knowledge and experience to gain a position as a Primary teacher in an international school.

My thoughts on how to teach and teaching life have been vastly developed in many ways since I started teaching practice 1. I arrived at the TP with a set of expectations but the reality of being a teacher, preparing each lesson, controlling the class and making sure you tick every box in order to create a great lesson is challenging. I work with Year 3 and the first lesson I chose to teach was Maths, as this was the one that I was most nervous about. It took me a long time to plan the lesson, however, it went well.

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