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PGCESpain has helped graduates undergo initial teacher training (I.T.T) to
Masters level since 2001. To date more than one thousand of our
postgraduates are enjoying teaching careers in schools across Spain; many
of them hold posts in senior management teams in the most prestigious of
British schools.

The University of Nottingham has provided PGCESpains´ last 18 cohorts with
a rigorous academic programme (PGCEi) which complements a period of
practical teaching. PGCESpain works with schools throughout Spain to
endeavour that all of its students are placed within the academic setting
of their choice, ensuring that they acquire confidence and competence in
the classroom.

We believe in the career teacher and throughout your career we shall
continue to provide you with opportunities for professional development,
guidance and support. Every student has close contact with an experienced
mentor who can offer advice and help to secure Certification of Competence
towards the end of your period of practical teaching. Many students later
join our mentor teams and we are currently developing a BA in Education programme
which will involve teachers and schools across Spain in working with
undergraduate teachers, preparing for a Masters in Education and enjoying
collaborative work with other professionals in schools around the country.
PGCESpain works with ESP to enable those teachers who wish to attain QTS
(qualified teacher status) for the UK, to do so.

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Teach in Schools

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What we do

We work in partnership with the prestigious University of Nottingham who offer graduates the opportunity to study for a Masters level qualification in education. PGCESpain offer additional teaching experience and training in Spain. PGCESpain provide the essential practical teaching placements for this course in British and International schools across the peninsula and Balearic Islands.

While the University of Nottingham provide the academic component, PGCESpain is responsible for the practical teaching element of our programme and organises placements in International/British schools. Trainees have been welcomed from not only Spain but several other countries around Europe, including: Switzerland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Portugal, Italy and even the UK. PGCESpain is extremely proud of its success, with trainee teachers securing teaching positions in countries around the world and as far away as China and Australia.

We collaborate with Cambridge House Community College in Valencia, who will
provide tailor made periods of observation and periods of practical
teaching for any subject and across the entire age range from 3 - 18.
PGCESpain students can spend time in GCSE, A level and H.N.D (General
Certificate of Secondary Education, Advanced level and Higher National
Diploma) classes and become confident in all aspects of the British
National Curriculum and the requirements for meeting the National Standards
for Teachers.

Support we provide

Once a year PGCESpain holds a Saturday workshop showcasing the best tenets
of British education. Further online material helps teachers to acquire the
terminology and background information required to obtain employment in the
best schools. Help with preparation of your C.V (Curriculum Vitae) is
available from one of our founders, a Headteacher with over 40 years'
experience. A further founder, an Inspector of schools for many years, can
help with friendly, personable advice and we employ a Human Resources
professional who can assist with any queries regarding contractual and
salarial matters.

PGCESpain graduates can enjoy free admission to the ‘Teach in Schools’
initiative founded by PGCESpain, which helps refer teachers to schools
looking to employ teachers. Schools trust PGCESpain graduates to be
competent in the classroom and many approach us when looking for staff. We
will support you throughout your professional career. We believe in education, in life-long learning and in our teachers.

Who is suitable for the course?

The course is suitable for graduates who are interested in embarking on a career in teaching, and for graduates who may already be involved in schools but have yet to gain a qualification in education. Trainee teachers are helped through the practical element of the course with mentors who provide regular support, advice and guidance. The course caters for all specialist subject areas including, EYFS, primary and secondary age ranges.

In order to keep expenses to a minimum for the students attending the seminars, PGCESpain provides free accommodation and food throughout the course. Students enjoy two 48-hour university-style residential weekends at the beginning of the course; they have close contact with each other and are able to communicate freely on a dedicated forum, sharing their doubts, worries and success’ in class with the friends they have made during the two workshops.

When do we do it?

Course Start Dates:

September and February
– First cohort: February and September
– Second cohort: February and May

Registration will soon open for Spring 2021 (Cohort 19)

*Due to the unprecedented situation of COVID19, sessions are currently being delivered virtually until further notice.

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Other great programmes and services we provide for you:

We at PGCESpain have launched our new department for teaching employment services ‘Teach in Schools’. We aim to find great teachers, for the right schools. We provide this service for British and International schools across Spain and the Balearic Islands. For further details please go to section: ‘Teach in Schools’.

PGCESpain are happy to announce our new ‘Assessment Only Route for QTS’ course. We are working in partnership with with an outstanding ITT UK maintained school, Two Mile Ash and the ESP association, to give teachers the opportunity to get qualified without ever having to leave Spain! Interested? For further details please see section 'QTS' or contact us directly.

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